Friday, April 1, 2011

I'm Not Sure if I Should Be Offended

Hello internet and bloggie friends!  

There's something I haven't told you about myself, something that I feel I need to divulge so we can move forward in a supportive and understanding way.  So here goes.  

I am addicted to DIY.  Hopelessly addicted.  According to the Bear, I'm what you call a "hot glue gun ninja":  give me a hot glue gun and a pair of scissors and I will make whatever you need. Phew--felt good to get that off my chest.  How about you? 

My attitude is, why pay retail for something that you can easily (and affordably) make?  Apparently I'm crazy off here, because normal people don't feel the need to make everything themselves.  And when I talk about a project I'm excited to try for the first time or I talk about a failed attempt and my plans to fix it for the next time, I often get a confused look and a kindly side-eye.  The expression is typically followed by something like:

"You're making X?  Why?  Can't you just buy it?"


"WHAT are you doing?  Wow, that's a lot of work."

or my very favorite

"Did you say you're making X yourself?  That must take a lot of tiiime." don't say...a lot of time...

What don't people just come out and say it?  Please. Because I get the distinct feeling that you're trying to say something without really saying it. What you're trying to tell me is that I must have a lot of time on my hands to go the DIY route.  And you're right--DIY takes time and planning.  But does that mean that I'm sitting at home just looking for ways to fill my time?

Nope! Sorry.  I too have a life.  I work a full time job, I have friends, I have a family, and yes I have things I like to do. I believe in some circles those things are referred to as hobbies, or interests.  What's wrong with with that?

(Maybe people think only grannies are supposed to DIY or something)

I know, some people mean to be supportive. Maybe they're saying that I should take some time to relax and just buy things ready-made.  But again, can't they just say that?  Most of the time, I get the feeling that I belong in side show "come one, come all!  watch in wonder as the DIY-Daredevil [ha, that was the best I could do] lovingly handcrafts soy candles instead of running to the local Pottery Barn to buy them!  Come! Marvel at her lack of common sense and social life!"

Rrg...So I like to make things by hand, whenever possible or reasonable (to me). Sue me.  

DIYers, have you ever felt like people were trying to tell you something else when they "complimented" your projects?  Non-DIYers, what are your thoughts?


  1. Hi there! I just saw your blog on Weddingbee. : ) I am a DIY Freak, as well as a thrift store junkie. lol So I feel your pain... But I just don't get it?! Why not make it yourself.... ;) I am in the middle of a DIY project that I LOVE... It is a photowall. : ) I guess it is too hard to try and explain in a comment. LOL But I am having a blast with it. Nice to "meet" you!

  2. I love making homemade/handmade things!! I'll always try that first, and then buy it if I'm just a failure (which happens more often than I'd like to admit). I especially get this way around Christmas.. last year, I made earrings/jewelry for everyone, and it came out great. You have so much more control and freedom!