Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Set Up for a [Shoe] Letdown

A few months back, I found the wedding deal of a lifetime (or at least the best deal I've come across while planning my wedding):

I found these gorgeous Alexander McQueen heart shaped peep toe pumps at an amazing price--more than half off the original price!!! 

I couldn't believe my luck, so I scooped up a pair.  Purple shoes weren't in my plan before, but I couldn't say no to these gorgeous babies.  Just days later, they were mine!

I could barely contain my excitement when I opened the box.  And then...

My gorgeous and perfect shoes weren't so perfect in person. ESCANDOLO! (I know)

The soles were scuffed up, there were some runs in the satin, toe impressions on the inner sole, and they were a little too big.  That, was letdown #1. I called their customer service and they sent me a replacement pair, right away.  

And just a few days after that, I found myself with another box of shoes.  I held my breath this time as I opened the box and wouldn't you know it?  Another imperfect pair with the same issues: letdown #2.

Ok, fail horns, let me have it!

So I called them up and arranged for another return,  this time with no exchange.  Their customer service was really great by the way, extremely courteous and professional, they made the ordeal as painless as possible.  Did I get what I paid for?  Or was it just a mix up? Sometimes, clothing is sent out on photo shoots and returned in less than perfect condition.  My guess is that there was a mix up and I probably got a pair (and then another) of those.

I just took it as a sign that these lovelies were not meant to be mine.  

Have you found your shoes yet?  Did you have any shoe letdowns?


  1. Sorry that happened to you because they were gorgeous. I also was able to find a lovely pair of designer shoes at a great discount, practically free actually. But once I had them in hand they didn't fit and were way too tall than what I'm used to wearing. But I found two pairs that I'm in love with so all hope is not lost. You'll find another pair just as worthy.

  2. My shoes were the first thing I bought - I actually purchased them before we got engaged! But I knew exactly what I wanted, and I couldn't find them anywhere, so when I saw them on Zappos I had to buy them.

    Unfortunately they're not a 'perfect' as I would've liked, but for the price I paid, I can overlook the mistakes.

  3. Where did you get them from? A bit surprising that they sent back a second pair with the same problems!!

    I'm having issues with shoes right now, because all the ones I love are too tall. I'm ok being on eye level with my fiancé when I wear 4" heels, but I guess I'd rather not be an amazon woman when we get married? Heh, I don't know, I'll probably just end up getting a pair I love and be as tall as him (6'1). All in the name of fashion!

  4. @ Tiffany - thanks. Practically free?? Can you share some secrets please?! lol

    @ cheryl elisabeth - I can overlook a couple things for a good deal for the right shoe. I love that you got them ahead of time--my kinda girl!

  5. @ steph c - I got them direct from the designer. That's why I figure they were sent out on a shoot or something. I say go for the shoes you want and then scoop up a pair of cute flats for when your feet get tired! That's a happy medium, kinda, right?

  6. That's terrible! But just means that something better is out there for you!