Thursday, March 31, 2011

When 'Just One More' Turns Into One Too Many

So the last time I mentioned my dress, I told you that I was unsure.  And then I described to you how I calmly put my dress order on hold and went back to Kleinfeld, remember?  

Well, I was fully planning on writing a follow up post to describe how wonderful my return shopping trip was and how we (my dress and I) were reunited and it felt soo good.

But, I can't say that because it wasn't so good--the reunion, that is.  It wasn't emotional, I didn't feel amazing but I did feel pretty in it.  Right about now you might be wondering, "she felt pretty in it?  Is that the best she's got?  Pretty?!"  Mmmyeah.  "Pretty," is all I had in me that day: the day I learned that I am officially over-shopped.  

(Oh, I can totally relate to this girl)

It's true.  Looking back, I've tried on an array of dresses--

First, I was smitten with simple and chic,

And then I was convinced that I would love something more classic and conservative.

But I pulled a complete one-eighty and tried something more glam, and a little va-va-voom, if you will.

(Right about now, I'm going to warn you the other thing I discovered on my dress journey. Apparently I love to keep my hands on my hips when being photographed in dresses.  Talk about self discovery!)

Then I decided that I wanted something soft and romantic.  

There was this beachy keen gown in breezy chiffon.

And a fit and flare lace dress with a sweetheart neckline.  

Interestingly enough, if you'd ask me what my wedding dress would look like before I actually started looking for a wedding dress, this would be it. But it wasn't for me.

I pressed on, looking for something more playful, like this organza number.

But I needed a little more oomph, so I picked this flirty and festive gown. 

And as flattering as some of those dresses were, I felt like there was still something missing.  So I looked for a dress that combined the sexy silhouette and the soft "bridal" fabrics that I loved.

So here I am in a dress that has both qualities: lace details with the mermaid silhouette.  But it was not a winner.  

And let's not forget my love of great big skirts (and pockets!)

These dresses where my soft spot.  Flattering tops, great big skirts (perfect for twirling and eating lots of food), and many of them had pockets.  To be honest, I almost purchased the gown on the left a few weeks ago.  But I couldn't quite pull the trigger on it, because I think deep down I know that my dress is IT for me. 

Sad to say, but this represents a tiny fraction of the dresses I tried on.  Most of the shops we visited didn't allow pictures, and that's fine, because I'm sure you get the point by now.  Finding a dress and being happy with my choice is still a challenge for me.   I'm waiting for my gown to come in next month, and I'm hoping that with some time and much needed perspective I'll get that feeling I'm looking for.  You know the feeling, it's "ohmygoshI'mgettingmarriedinthisgorgeousdress" and that's how I felt seven months ago when I chose it, I think.  

And I'm coming to terms with the fact that finding a dress is just going to be hard for some people, I'm one of them.  Not everyone has a dress epiphany.  I didn't, but I was close.  And my nearest and dearest have assured me time and time again that I've made the right choice.  These pictures are proof to me, that they're right.  Some dresses were great, some were not-so-great, but they all barely missed the mark.  Because maybe somewhere along this journey I hit the mark, bought a dress that is perfect for me, and then started to forget because 8 months is a long time to wait (for fashion)...

The wait will be over soon enough and I'll find out if my instincts are right!  Stay tuned!

Did you have trouble finding a dress?  Did you ever have dress doubts?  How did you come to terms with them? 


  1. I think everyone has dress doubts - I had nightmares the week before I picked my dress up, but it turns out I loved it just as much as when I bought it :)

  2. I tried on maybe 30? I was definitely feeling overwhelmed. I will say, though, that I am 100% certain about the dress I chose. I tried it on.. thought about it.. looked at it.. then fell in love. It was right away, but after 10 minutes or so, I just knew. I'm getting married in that dress.

    My friend has tried on 70+ dresses - I THINK she found one (that I picked out!) that she will eventually buy.. but she never had that ohmygodthisisitimdone feeling. And it's ok. You might not. Your brain can only process so much.. it gets tedious after a while. But either way.. I'm so excited to see what you chose :)

    I love the look of the fit and flare and the organza dresses on you!

  3. @Cheryl - Thanks for the reassurance! I'm hoping I have the same experience!

    @ steph c-I have a lot in common with your friend, lol. I'll post some dress pics soon, promise. Just have to remember to take some then next time I try it on!

  4. *gasp* I love the lace fit n flare and the last one which combines the lace veil and a mermaid shape. They look beautiful. ;)