Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Shoe Saga: Hope Springs on the Internet

The last time I told you about my shoes they were just a secret (okay, not so secret) desire of mine.  

But, friends, I am amazed and slightly ashamed to tell you that while I was looking for a possible replacement wedding dress on, I came across a beautiful bride in a dress that reminded me of my own.  I opened the listing and saw this:



And I held my breath as I read this description:

"This classic dress was perfect for my big day & I would like to see that it is used again! I was told by numerous people that the wedding was beautiful, but my dress stole the show. It is in (as far as I can tell) perfect condition after being...
professionally cleaned/ preserved. 

I wore blue Christian Louboutin's that went perfectly and would think about including, depending on the buyer's shoe size & budget!"

Oh my sweet Jebus.

Once I calmed myself down, I sent her a quick note:

Hi there, I saw that you mentioned you might be willing to sell your shoes with this dress. I actually have a dress, but I happen to be looking for a pair of blue pumps. I was wondering if you would consider selling your shoes (if they are still available and of course, depending on the size)? Thanks 

You know, what I really wanted to say was "Hi. You don't know me, but I am obsessed with those shoes.  And I know you are selling your dress, which is lovely, so lovely that it reminded me of my own dress that I clicked the pictures and found the shoes I never ever thought I would actually find. It's fate. Kismet, really.  So would you please sell them to me?  And please tell me they are in my size??"

Yeah, I think going with the first email was the right call.   After a few tense hours, she got back to me.  The shoes were available(!), and they were almost my size--they were just a half size too big.  Half size too big was close enough for me!  We spent a couple more days going back and forth, and then she sent me these pics:

Aww...aren't they pretty?  

And oh, the lipstick (the lipstick!)was still in great condition!

We exchanged a few more emails, negotiated a price and...SOLD!  My dream shoes would be mine, at a fraction of their original price, and in pretty great condition.  

Thank you internet.  I <3 you for all your quirks and surprises, especially the surprises.  

Have you found anything online that you never expected to find?


  1. oooooh Shoes.... drool.

    Congrats on the grab! You're excitment is great! Take pics when you get them.

  2. Oh my god. OH MY GOD!! I can't believe you got them!!! You lucky duck!! You are definitely giving me hope in finding some perfect turquoise shoes :) And you can make those babies fit super easily. Congrats!

  3. wow!! how lucky!! SUch fate!! Can't wait to hear how they fit and look and that's so exciting!

  4. You were in the right place at the right time... Lucky you. They are gorgeous shoes.