Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Don't You Step on My Blue Shoes

After my last shoe fail, I decided to take a break from shoes.  Two seconds later, I got real with myself and started looking for the shoes I knew I wanted from the beginning--

blue shoes.  Gorgeous blue shoes!  And really, me taking a break from shoes is like PB taking a break from jelly.  Ain't gonna happen.

It felt like a few years ago, when I stumbled upon pictures of brides in brightly colored shoes there were blue shoes as far as the eye (or computer monitor) could see.  Lately, it feels like the perfect blue shoes are tougher to come by.  So I collected some of my personal favorites, to share with any other blue shoe lovin' brides.

1. Kate Spade "Didi"  2. Nina "Conabel"  3. Rocket Dog "Marilus"  4. Kate Spade "Chrisette"  5. Seychelles "In With the New" 6. Christian Louboutin "Bow T Dorcet" 7. Vivenne Westwood "Anglomania + Lady Dragon"

Could you spot my favorite pair?  I'll give you a clue:  it's the pair I've lusted after for a few years now.  They're a bit hard to find and just a smidge over my budget. 


My heart races for these shoes, it's sad but true.  The perfect shade of blue, a touch of red lipstick peeking out from the sole.  And nothing short of a miracle will be needed to make this happen for me.  But to paraphrase the great Wayne Campbell(if I may be so bold), they will be mine, oh yes, they will. Be. Mine.  

Have you found a the perfect pair of shoes for your wedding day? Were they a reach to find or squeeze into your budget?? 


  1. Love one, four and six. Good luck on getting the shoes. I LOVE BLUE SHOES! I just did my first shoe post too at

  2. they are all beautiful, but I love what you picked. I just know they'll be yours someday! ;)

  3. My perfect ones are actually Loubs too ;) Sparkly sparkly glittery turquoise blue.. ughh I could die. From the gorgeousness and the price.

    I saw the V. Westwoods before.. definitely a cute shoe!

  4. ...and they were yours, your determination came through.

    Mine are more than what I normally pay for shoes but they go perfectly with my dress.