Wednesday, March 30, 2011

All Paired Up!

I'm a shoe girl.  And when I saw this picture, I stopped in my tracks and the wheels started turning.  

And if you're curious, the wheels made a sound like "oooooh, I want those for my wedding party. How can I pull this off?"

Mighty talkative "wheels" I have.  I love TOMS, but I don't think the rest of our wedding party loves them as much as me.  So that got me thinking, how about some other matching footwear?

Cute cowboy boots for a rustic look.

Checkered Vans for the punk rock bride!  

How much do I wish we could do this too?  I still <3 my Vans.

And then my other favorite (are they all my favorite? what a shoe hussy I've become),  matching Chuck Taylors!

The last picture makes me smile.  It's so sweet.  And I would love to have a shot like this but I don't think the mister will go for it.   I allegedly have white Chucks in my collection, but they haven't resembled anything "white" in ages and spending more money on shoes at this point is a no no.  

Matching shoes have become so popular for wedding parties that TOMS has gotten in on the act with their own wedding collection.   

It's hard to resist them on their own, for every pair of TOMS you buy, a pair is donated to a child in need, and they're adorable to boot!  I'm feeling these Petal Grosgrain classics, they are perfectly pretty and remind me of ballet slippers (in the best way).  Lucky for me, 'Lil $is has threatened to shut me up by buying the Bear and me a matching pair of TOMS as a wedding present.  But something tells me they don't make these in his maybe she'll pick another style?  Or maybe she was just bluffing.  Either way, I'm a fan of matching shoes! 

Is your party wearing matching shoes?  Have you seen any other cute shoe ideas?


  1. They are so cute! I've actually never seen TOMS before, but I think now you've got me interested haha!

  2. I had no idea that TOMS made a wedding line! I know that they have a great "give back" deal.. every pair you buy, they donate a pair. Even better that they come in pretty, sparkly colors too!!

    I really wish we lived in the south or I was southern, just so it wouldn't look so weird if we did cowboy boots. I am totally in love with that idea!

  3. I love the idea of non-traditional wedding shoes! My sister is getting married in July and her and the groom are wearing converse.

  4. @ Cheryl- you gotta check TOMS out! They give a pair of shoes to a child in need for every pair purchased. That alone is a good enough reason!

    @ steph c - Their wedding line is so cute! They have some awesome glitter shoes too! And I'm with you on the cowboy boots, I'm a true yankee so it's hard to justify wearing them at our wedding.

    @kissedafrog - I'm jealous of your sister's converse! lol It's gonna be so cool.