Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Just Desserts

After a long night of dancing, I am always up for a treat--especially when that treat is a sugary confection.  Truth be told, I have a major sweet tooth and any excuse for pretty dessert (because dessert should be pretty whenever possible) is good enough for me. 

And so, I've started to dream of a little dessert spread to thank our guests for spending the day with us, a little take home/late night snack, if you will.  Something like this:

I want to fill the table with a spread of some our favorite miniaturized desserts, like mini whoopie pies:

 And speaking of pies, I love these petite pies (cherry of course):

Fluffy meringues:

Simply sugared doughnuts, or mini beignets as a nod to one of our favorite places in the world, New Orleans:

Marshmallows to encourage spontaneous roasting (over the firepits that will be set up after dark), perhaps?

And lastly, some gorgeous Turkish delights, or "Loukoumia," as my mom calls them. 

Sounds delicious!  Now the question is, do I have the energy for another DIY project?  I'm sure I can easily make some of these treats and buy others.  Then there are my packaging options, though I'm drawn to a simple doggy bag, like this one from Martha Stewart Weddings:


Have you considered any late night treats for your guests?  Any ideas?


  1. The mini cherry pies are too cute! Yum.

  2. whoopie piiess..I have suuch a sweet tooth so this sounds amaazing! We have having a viennese hour at our wedding with a full spread of desserts!