Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Sweet Deals!

Our goal is to have the wedding of our dreams while staying in budget.  But now that we are approaching the three month mark, the little unexpected purchases (and let's face it, splurges) are hitting me left and right. 

One thing I've learned: being a bride is expensive!  I've been getting regular haircuts instead of pushing them off for a few months weeks.  I'm booking appointments for facials at the spa for a glowing complexion.  I'm minding my cuticles.  And all these little and necessary treats are adding up!

And then I came across the best cost saving idea for brides to be:

Social shopping!

Sites like Groupon and Living Social (and BuyWithMe for NYC folks) have been key to snagging deals for those little unexpected wedding expenses.  

So far, I've boosted my fitness routine by taking advantage of a month of unlimited boxing classes, thanks to Living Social.  And I snagged a facial at a nearby spa too!  And today, I purchased a deal for a private dance lesson!  Just in time too, because while I love shakin' it on the dance floor, I really have the grace of Frankenstein so I need some tips to help me avoid the middle-school sway for our first dance.  Here's hoping our lesson is the most informative of my life!

To keep from crowding my inbox, I downloaded the Groupon and Living Social apps onto my iPhone.  I also made sure to use my junk mail account so I won't be too tempted to buy deals I don't actually need (like half off pizza and pasta--delicious but unnecessary).  So far it's worked great!  

Have you used social shopping sites to score wedding deals?  

PS-- There's another great deal site called Yipit that filters through all daily deal sites, to help keep your inbox from getting cluttered.  It's available in over 20 cities, with more to come.  It's not available for my city, but it could be for yours!


  1. I just used groupon to buy part of my fiance's wedding gift! (a one hour flying lesson at our local airport) Another site you should check out is tippr.

  2. I loveee Groupon and Living Social. We were actually able to get an amazing deal on our engagement photos through Groupon!!

  3. Unfortunately our city doesn't have much to offer as of yet, but I'm hoping to stumble across something soon!