Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Too Many Choices?

As an avid internet shopper, I never have a problem finding options.  Finding exactly what I need, of course, is a different subject.  But options?  If you can Google it, you can probably find it.  Gold snake print pumps?

Bridal caftan?  

Oh yeah.  

So when I emailed my sisters about their bridesmaids dresses, the last thing I was expecting was to hear that there are too many choices.  Huh!?

Let me backtrack and show you the email I sent them:

Hey guys!

I know we're right in the middle of the holiday season, but after the holidays there will be 7 months to go.  So I guess I better officially tell you what I've decided on dresses.  For you three I've decided to go with a warm pink.  Something really light, and warm.  I'll send you guys some paint chips I found that I liked.  But I'm not too attached to the shade, as long as it looks nice on you.   And I'm ok with a pattern of some sort as long as it's subtle and not too cray.  

The only thing I ask is that you keep me in the loop and don't buy anything that looks like it came from Wet Seal or the Flirt Catalog [ED NOTE: click if you dare].  Nothing tight and satin.  Short is fine as long as it's pretty and appropriate for a Summer wedding.  

Here are some dresses I like to give you an idea of what I'm looking for:

Silk taffeta Nanine dress

Cotton cady Serena dress
Nanine Dress in Violet Dust and Serena Dress in Warm Pebble - JCrew

frosted rose one shoulder dress by Ark & Co.
Frosted Rose One Shoulder Dress - Ruche

Long-term Elation Dress
Long Term Elation Dress - Modcloth

One shoulder dresses are everywhere!!!  Dayum. 

I'm hoping that with 7 months you will all be able to find something you like and that works within your budget.  Which is the last reason I sent this email out today--after holiday sales!

To recap, I said:

- Nude/warm pink, in a shade that works for them.  
- Short, but wedding appropriate
- I get veto power and final approval (Call me the B-word, go for it.  B as in bridezilla, by the way.)

And so back to what I was saying before this email, two of the bridesmaids mentioned that finding a dress by themselves would be too much work.  And they suggested we just go with the J.Crew dresses.  At this point, I'm not opposed to it, since I really want this to be easy for everyone involved, but I don't know...

So I turn to you, is what I am asking of them "too much work?"  


  1. It's definitely not too much work. You gave them options, they could just choose one of those!

  2. I had the same problem. I asked my ladies to find knee-length navy blue dresses. They all complained and asked if we can all just go shopping at a bridal salon together.
    So now I'm meeting all three of them (from 3 different states) next month for some shopping.
    Talk about hand-holding!

  3. I have been told to just pick a dress and go with it. I don't think my girls wanted oodles of options either to tell you the truth! Too funny, I was so concerned with them wearing something they would like and could possible wear it again and at the end of the day the girls trusted me and told me to just go for a dress without worrying about them needing to wear it again.

  4. I was in a wedding this year and was personally VERY happy that the bride said to find any dress I wanted in gray. One of the other b-maids wasn't thrilled. She wasn't a shopper or a fan of getting all dressed up, so that kind of made sense! It worked out perfectly in the end, though.

    Randomly found your blog by searching for real life pics of the J Crew Margeaux dress for another wedding I have coming up! Good luck with your planning!

  5. You're not asking too much, but them all agreeing to just go with J.Crew isn't asking too much either. J. Crew is affordable, great looking, and I say just take a day, go there and it'll all be taken care of and over!