Friday, December 3, 2010

Deal or No Deal?

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A few months before our big day, I bought my first pair of wedding day shoes!  Xavier, by Badgley Mischka in lavender.  Gorgeous, no?

They were tough to find in my size, because it seems that most women on earth wear a seven and half (or at least it felt like that at the time), but I found a pair!  And I found them for waaaay below the retail price because they were a sample.  So what if they weren't completely perfect? They'd be under my long dress!  And, for the price I got, I could buy another pair for the reception! Mmhmm, a little part of me wanted two pairs of heels, and then a pair of flats. Shoe-addiction? Perhaps.

Well, they came a few days after I purchased them and they 

 Pretty! (Personal pic)

See the sticker goo? (Personal Pic)

I wasn't feeling the sticker marks on the bottom, but that was expected since I had purchased a sample. The real problem was that  I was sent the wrong size, they were way too big!

Damn. Cue the FAIL horns!

Ever purchased a bridal deal only to find out it was a bust?  


  1. Those shoes are sooooo pretty!! I love the color.

  2. Such beautiful shoes!!! Such a shame they are the wrong size!