Monday, December 6, 2010

Prints, Charming

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I will admit that I wasn't immediately sold on having a military wedding, and I had absolutely no urge to have our wedding take place at West Point.  There were many reasons, but mostly, I wasn't sure that a military wedding would be a great representation of who WE were (and are) as a couple; to be fair, his career was certainly a major part of our relationship, but it didn't define our entire relationship. I was also under the impression that a formal military wedding had to be, well, formal with a capital F.  "Formal," meant that I couldn't have fun with the design, and that's something that I was really excited about.  So I determined to put together something lighthearted, whimsical, romantic, sophisticated, and still, slightly formal.  

Military or not, it was going to be OUR wedding!

Then one day it occurred to me that apart from the site of our ceremony, the location of our wedding hadn't really played into our decor.  This realization came after drooling over these musem inspired invitations, so I started poking around the internet and found these:

These vintage football program covers would look great if I could find a way to use them!  The bright colors and bold typefaces would compliment the decor while giving a playful nod to the setting.  We could frame a few, or use them as part of our signage.  At the very least they could make for some interesting conversation starters, no?
I should probably admit that I got ahead of myself and went out and bought my favorite program off EBay:

Not a reproduction but an actual vintage program.  I wanted to use it as a guest book, though the pages were a tad delicate. Since our wedding was taking place over Fourth of July weekend, it could have been nice to have a patriotic acknowledgment of the holiday.  Because nothing says "Independence Day" like our color palette of white, raspberry, deep rose, and black.  Am I right?

Are you using the site of your wedding as inspiration for your decor?
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  1. what a cute idea! I think that's an awesome way to tone down the formality of your wedding!