Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A Scent-itive Bride

perfume bottles
 Photo by Pearled / Image via Flickr

I'm a collector (read: "borderline hoarder") of beauty products, and this certainly includes fragrance.  The top of my bookshelf is littered with sweet little bottles of all shapes and sizes.  Ironically, my stomach is pretty sensitive to different smells and the wrong one will make me really sick for hours on end.

One day, on an innocent shopping trip with BM Snazzy-Fresh, I came across this: 

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Love, Chloé was a new-ish fragrance at the time, carried exclusively by Saks, (it's available at most department stores now, yes!). 

I cautiously sniffed the sample, and I liked it.  Almost instantly I was approached by an eager (and very nice) saleswoman.  Panicked, I sprayed my wrist and ran away to let this perfume settle in. This could have been a really stupid thing for me to do--I had no idea how I would react to the scent.  Typically, the stronger the smell, the more horrible my reaction.  So I braced myself for the nausea and headaches that aome with heavy, lingering perfumes...but nothing happened.  

The initially strong scent dried quickly and left behind this über-feminine, ultra classic, soft fragrance.  It lasted for hours and wasn't too strong.  It had a powder-like smell (think make up powder, not baby powder), a mix of florals, and a hint of something fresh right at the end(I found out later that it was rice).  It could have been perfect to wear on our wedding day. 

I was going to have to try it on my skin again as we got closer, to be sure it wouldn't make me sick on our wedding day.  As if being "scent-sitive" wasn't hard enough, apparently my body was fickle,too; sometimes I develop a sensitivity to a fragrance long after I've added it to my lineup.  

But the good news was, I had at least one option for a wedding day perfume that DIDN'T make me ill.  

Are you going to wear a special fragrance on your wedding day?


  1. i used lola by marc jacobs. loved it and loved the pretty bottle it came in!

  2. Most perfumes make me ill, as well. The only one I've found, so far, that doesn't make my head hurt or my stomach roll over is Light Blue by Dolce and Gabbana. I would love to find a new scent for the wedding, though, so that whenever I wear it in the future I'll be reminded of my wedding day.