Thursday, June 24, 2010

"I Bought Those Boat Tickets the Day I Saw that YouTube Video"

Whenever I need a laugh, I can watch this video and let the LOLz take over...  Again and again and again.  I laugh so hard I can only talk for a second at a time, and all I can squeeze out is a really bad play by play amid the giggles. 

For example, this is me (as I watch this scene):

Hahahaha, Andy can't walk because his tore his scrotum!  

Hahaha, he's dancing down the aisle in a walker!! 

Kelly Kapoor and Ryan doing the sprinkler!  I love Kelleeeee! 

Oh my gosh, Kevin and the box shoes.  Oscar is vogue-ing! I CAN'T!

And the biggest laugh of all happens right at the moment when Dwight kicks Isabel, his one night stand in the face.  In the face!  Oh my gosh, I die!  Seriously.  My laugh morphs from a loud giggle to a straight up guffaw and a howl, something like "Blaaagh-Hahahaha!"  I know, I know.  It wouldn't be funny if it happened to me, but it's fake!  So it's funny!

Anyway, this is what I watch when this wedding seems impossible.  I watch it when I feel like we're giving ourselves too much credit, or when I'm taking everything too seriously.  When I want to give up, and hop on our very own "Maid of the Mist," and give ourselves the room to breathe (deeply).  This is it.  My happy moment.  Please Hulu, never ever take it away.   Mmmk?

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