Monday, March 22, 2010

Tasty Possibilities

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When we started planning our wedding, there was very little debate about what kind of food we wanted to serve our guests, at least in our little dream world; we wanted a meal that was delicious as it was fresh--quintessential Summer food.  We wanted a lobster bake.  

The prospect of finding a caterer was pretty nerve-wracking. Would they laugh at our budget? Criticize our tastes?  Get back to us in quickly?  The first caterer I spoke to was amazing.  She did not tell me that our idea was crazy, or too casual, or not right for a wedding.  Major bonus points for her right there!  Instead, she and I went through the typical lobster bake and made changes where I saw fit.  She let me interrupt her repeatedly, which was good, because I did that over and over again.  She helped me convey what I thought was a fragmented list of demands into an amazing menu.

Let's take a look at our original menu, shall we?

Instead of a buffet, I wanted a family style meal with big platters of food being passed around the table.  To me, it's a great way to avoid the formality of a traditionally served meal, without having our guests having to mill about a buffet table.  

We scrapped the New England clam chowder.  Sacriledge, I know.  But clam chowder has never really appealed to me in the heat of the Summer.  Instead of clam chowder, we went with a fresh gazpacho? 

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Traditional steamers?  They were a must!  And of course, some lobstah.  We added some chicken for those that didn't eat shellfish, AND red bliss potatoes because I can't have a meal without potatoes.  It just doesn't happen.

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Then there were the sides.  Like traditional corn on the cob--no!  A girl's gotta draw the line somewhere.  I just couldn't stand the sight of 100 of our nearest and dearest, digging at their teeth with toothpicks.  Blegh.  So, we decided on a grilled corn salad with black beans and BACON.  Because our wedding feast could not have been complete without my favorite pork product.

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Of course, none of this was meant to be.  Our nontraditional wedding feast wasn't in the cards for us.  At least not for our wedding, but I've tucked this away for the future!  Anniversary party maybe? 

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