Friday, March 19, 2010

Weighing the Options - Military Wedding? Pt. 5 (A Conclusion)


To date, I've been floating through this engagement with a really nonchalant attitude about planning our wedding.  As I move forward with my plans, I hope to remind myself (on a daily basis, if necessary) that a wedding is just one day--the marriage is forever.  

So when faced with decision that acutally means something to one of us, I'd like to pretend that there is an option, when there really isn't.  Because really, when a decision is special enough that it means "something" to one of us, then it should mean everything to the other--at least for "something" so personal, and so essential to our lives together. 

The decision was made when he said it's what he wanted, because it matters to him.  And I love him, so it matters to me now.  Our wedding is for the both of us, and while his military career isn't the only thing to note about him, it is a very important part of his life.  It will be a big part of our life as a couple for the next few years.  

And so it is.  I'll marry him in his blues. He'll wear his distinctions on his chest lieu of a boutonniere.  We'll kiss under an arch of sabres.  Done.  

And since we'll have those sabres for a couple of hours, I'll want to do this:

Image via GwynethColleen.Com / Photo by Gweneth Colleen

Yep.  One badass wedding party, comin right up!

Did you struggle with deciding on what kind of wedding to have (whether it be military, religious, cultural)?

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