Thursday, March 11, 2010

Grin and Bear It

There are about five posts I've started and left undone.  Ideas and inspirations will come to me and I get so excited to write about them, only to get nervous about the topic.  Nervous.  A little timid maybe?  

No, it goes beyond a little shyness and heads straight to fear of being judged.  I know I might not fit in with every single person I meet.  And I know that no matter how badly I want to be accepted by the folks I often find myself surrounded with, it ain't gonna happen.  Not completely.  

It's a fact that people out there (and by out there I suppose I mean people in general) have a tendency to judge.  We all have our own opinions of how things should be done.  Nowhere is this more apparent than wedding planning.  "Why is your wedding so far away?  What the heck are engagement pictures for?  Do you really like French on invitations?"

Hmm... The wedding is so far away because we found a place we love and can afford.  Engagement pics are for looking at, like so, so many wedding-related things.  And yes, I am a Franco-phile, and a logophile (big words that mean "I'm a nerd")--did you know that R.S.V.P stands for réspondez s’il vous plait ?  So technically, everyone's used French on their invites at some point or another.  It's doesn't matter whether or not they are a silly, loudmouth, quasi-Liberal gal like myself who happens to like the idea of using a complete phrase instead of an abbreviation.  So there.  

This isn't an attack on anyone in particular.  I think I've just climbed inside my own thoughts and insecurities.  I think I've also been to enough weddings to hear the criticisms.  It's going to happen.  So long as I don't hear about it, everything will be fine.  Even if I hear it, it's still fine.  Clench-my-jaw-take-a-deep-breath-breathe-breathe, fine.

Phew.  That felt good.  Now back to the pretty things. 

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