Thursday, January 28, 2010

You Want What? Where?!?

Budget,'s all the same to me. After a few weeks of riding the wave of euphoria that followed our engagement, I was brought back down to reality by the BUDGET (insert shreiks of horror here)!!

So when Boo asked me how much weddings cost around here, I choked. The thought of setting a budget is pretty scary, especially since I have absolutely no idea how much these things cost. It's not like people run around telling you how much they paid for their lovely wedding, and it's not like I can go up to them and ask. "Hey Julie! Your wedding last June was AWESOME! We really had a great time--the food was great, the band was amazing, and the cake, well YUM. And speaking of cake, how much did you pay for that, because man! It was goood!" Ok, the thought of talking like that to a friend of mine, or anyone for that matter, is officially scarier than coming up with a budget...

I turned to the next best thing. Google. And I found This tool right here is a dream. It's not to be used as the be-all and end-all factor in planning a wedding, but for two people going into this with zero experience, it's a great starting point. SoI quickly started punching the zip codes of the locations we tossed around.

Our hometown (CT): $29,985 - $49,975

Garrison, NY: $36,410 - $60,684

New Haven, CT: $13,922 - $23,203

New Rochelle, NY: $32,739 - $54,565

Yes, the picture was becoming clearer. And it looked something like this:

To be continued...

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