Thursday, January 21, 2010

Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice

And rainbows, and kittens, and bunnies, and tulle, and satin. That's what this place has (in spades):

So they might not actually have kittens and bunnies and all. I'm sure they're probably a little skiddish about having kitties around the dresses, but you know what I mean. Today is my first visit to Kleinfeld! Scratch that--it's actually my Cuz's first visit to Kleinfeld, and I'm tagging along as part of my co-MOH duties. And by duty I mean that I am really really excited to see her trying beautiful dresses on! I have a feeling that she will try on no more than 3 and find the one. I also predict that I will cry because I'm a sap, and co-MOH S will well up and start a chain reaction. Guaranteed.

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