Saturday, January 30, 2010

Weighing the Options - Military Wedding? Pt. 3

Or, "What are You Talking a Bout?"

All corny (and sad) jokes aside, boutonnieres are cool. No, not cool. Beautiful. And masculine. Right?  I'm trying to sell this to the mister here.  What I'm trying to say is that I see boutonnieres as an opportunity to get creative with flowers. And, I love flowers. 

Just look at these gorgeous, cool, beautiful, yet masculine bouts:

Image via OnceWed / Photo by Martha Manning for Missy Mclamb PhotographersAshely Blencoe of Studio Blencoe

That's something a guy would wear without too much protest, right?

This one is more for me. The classic and simple boutonniere, a single bloom. That pop of color! And how could I resist dahlias?

Image via / Photo by Erin Hearts Court

Now how cool is that? It's not a "girly" floral bout, now is it? And it's still beautiful. For the record, whoever picked up a succulent and thought "you know, I bet this would be amazing as a boutonniere..." was right.

Image via Brides.Com / Photo by JK Photography

Fiddleheads add a modern and whimsical touch to florals. Just look at that bout right there! They are also never going to be that close to Mr. Marmalade, EVER. Like, EVER EVER. Because he hates them with a passion. It has something to do with being forced to eat them raw for days on end while doing some outdoors-y stuff.  So strike that idea!

Sadly my relationship with flowers is one sided.  I love flowers, but flowers don't love me back. Because if they did, I bet they wouldn't be as expensive as they are. Boutonnieres may be small (compared to bouquets) but the cost can add up, big time. Especially with up to ten groomsmen!

But I recently learned an interesting fact: boutonnieres are not worn with military dress.  They aren't permitted.

Hmm...that sounds like a cut in the budget that I can deal with!
I think we have a tie here! (That's one point for pretty flowers, and a point for cost-savings.)

Military Wedding 2

Non Military Wedding 2

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