Tuesday, January 12, 2010

On Top of the World--

So here it is, our proposal story:

Mr. Marmalade had a few weeks of leave over the holidays. He drove up to Connecticut through the blizzard that rocked the east coast right before Christmas 2009. The ten and a half hour drive stretched to 28 hours as interstates were shut down. He made it home exhausted, but in one piece. I ran to see him and hugged him as tight as I could, and then we took a nap. Yep. That pretty much sum's up our time together over the holidays that year: a whole lotta love, and rest.

So with the end of his time off approaching, I was annoyed when he turned to me and said "hey, let's go to the city tomorrow night and celebrate our 'date-aversary.' We can go on our first date again, and then to the Empire State Building like we did on our second date." I realize that this should have sent up some red flags, but I couldn't let myself believe that it was going to happen. Not to mention, that I had suggested the exact same date only a week earlier, on the actual anniversary of our first date, but he brushed that suggestion off! I said no, but then I came to my senses. I lived in New York through college and a short time after that. I miss living there so much and any excuse to head back, especially to relive a special night over a pitcher of sangria, is a perfect excuse.

(Our second date - my first trip to the ESB)

But that night was frigid, with temps approaching sub zero. I tried to convince Mr. M to change our plans and stay in with me. "Can we just stay in and order Chinese food or something? I'm so ti-i-red. I just need a nap, and then we'll decide, ok?"  Whoops, I didn't make it easy for him. But I really didn't want to go out there in the cold!
It's COLD! Freezing! High heels aren't warm! And I have a tendency to hibernate in the Winter. I woke up from my nap, and called BM Cuz who said that she was going to an engagement party and urged me to go to New York. That conversation was all that I needed.  I sat straight up and announced to Mr. M that we had 15 minutes to get ready and hit the road.

Were there some clues?
es, there were a couple but NO ONE, not even my mom was acting different around me. And that was the only clue I would count on because as much as I love her, she is the WORST with surprises! If she knew, the whole family would know within a day! 

We rushed out the door and hit the road, but Mr. M seemed upset. Of course in turn, that upset me because I was sure that he was mad about how difficult I had been earlier. We stopped to get gas, and I ran inside to get us some coffee--while he called my mom and told her he was going to propose! That man is smart, I tell ya! He knew he couldn't spill the beans until the last second. He's also very lucky, because he caught my mom while she was on a short break from work.

Fast forward to dinner at our first date spot,
Boqueria. It was great to be back there with him, going over the memory of our first unofficial date. We rushed through the meal to make it to the Empire State Building before they closed at midnight. I grabbed him by the hand as we ran through the entrance just after 11:00 PM to be greeted by a mob of tourists in town for New Year's Eve. It took us nearly an hour an half to get to the observatory deck--we shuffled through a relentlessly long line, a security checkpoint similar to that of an airport, a requisite photo in front of a green screen, and six flights of stairs. That Mr. M: smart, lucky and chock full o' perseverance!

(I snapped some pics while we waited in line)
It was past midnight by the time we reached the observatory deck.  I should have been exhausted but there's nothing like the view from the Empire State Building! Nothing. It's breathtaking and exciting. The cold air energized me, and I started to look for the spot that we stood upon on our second date. A stranger snapped a picture of us then, and I was determined to get another one. So determined, that I laughed off his request to "find a quiet spot up here." I wiggled (or lightly nudged) my way to the spot, and hugged him. 

We were squished together, and squished up against the people next to us. He hugged me as I pointed out the landmarks below. He started talking and I remember feeling a really awkward moment between us, then he said something I wish I could recall. I know he was talking about the last two years of our lives--it was incredibly sweet. But all his words melted away, when I saw a beautiful wooden ring box appear. My eyes scanned the city below us, while everything became a little blurry. I just remember my eyes filling with tears. I remember the lights turning into streaks across the sky. I remember the feeling of the cold air on my cheeks, and the feeling that I'd lost my voice. All I could do was hug him tight and cry. 

I was jolted back to reality by a loud voice that said "DUDE! I think that guy just proposed!" RECORD SCRATCH. I looked up and he put the ring on my finger, while I nodded, yes. 

(personal photo - hooray!)
I was elated. I was nervous. I was a little sad that he couldn't get on bended knee because there were so many people up there, and I was a little relieved that he didn't. It was hard to take in the moment, but I'm glad I tried. On top of the building that captivated me as a little girl in Queens, the same building that I never had time to visit as a college student in Manhattan.  To think, I practically grew up in the shadow of that landmark, but I never made it up there. Until Mr. Marmalade came into the picture!

And that's it!  That was the start of our amazing roller coaster of an engagement!  Hope you're still with me!


Miss M


  1. Hey Michelle!

    Although we have only known each other for a short period of time. I thought I would post a little note on your blog. Congratulations! I am so very happy for you and Chris (even though he doesn't know me). Enjoy your engagement and I promise to not make you any more truffles!


  2. Congratulations to you both!!!! xoxo