Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Happy Day!

And the journey begins...

My best friend got engaged a few days ago, and I could not have imagined just how happy I would be for her (them)! It's incredible to think that for our entire lives we've been able to use the phrase "when I get married," or "when I am married" to describe the freedoms and the adventures we anticipated in adulthood. And here it is! Together we spent hours and hours on end, writing our (respective) first names next to the last names of the boys we (again, respectively) crushed on, big time. For example "Mich Baio"--classic! There are journals that exist, to this day, with our names scribbled all over. Again and again and again. Mich hearts (insert random classmate's name here). Cuz hearts ____ and on and on.

For a very long time, we would sit in her room and play the T.R.U.E. L.O.V.E. game. Oh, you haven't heard of the T.R.U.E. L.O.V.E. game? If you haven't heard of this game, then you missed out on the fun. I'll fill you in, so that you don't miss out on meeting your true love. You take your name, write it down, and underneath that you write down the name of your boy-love (or girl-love, as the case may be) and then, you count the number of Ts, Rs, Us, Es, Ls, Os, Vs, and Es (again!). Add those babies up, and you get a score. There really wasn't a scale; the higher number, the truer the love (the "truer the love?" I am questioning the grammar here, but ignoring it, nonetheless).

For Example:


ZACHARY MORRIS (Because there is no "r" in Zack)

T = 0 L = 0
R = 3 O = 1
U = 0 V = 0
E = 2 E = 2

Total: 8

Wow. I've never seen a score that low! Clearly, I was never meant to be with Zack Morris in any way, shape, or form. Phew! Dodged that bullet! My BFF always, and I mean always, kicked my butt in this game. She has 9 (T.R.U.E. L.O.V.E.) letters in her name alone! Not to mention the fact that she got to use a middle name and I don't have one, but I digress...

She is more than my BFFFFFFF (infinity), she is my sister, well, technically, my cousin. We were born a year apart, and raised as a unit, we were even dressed alike for a very long time. Probably a lot longer than most people would feel comfortable with, but we liked it, so what are you gonna do? I still kinda like dressing alike. Creepy? No. Kinda weird? Perhaps. Possible weirdness notwithstanding, she's been the peanut butter to my jelly for the last twenty some-odd years. And I love her. And more than that, she has found her own T.R.U.E. L.O.V.E! Congrats to you, my Cuz, and big fat hugs too! I can't wait to be by your side as you start your journey into "wifedom." Now that the tears are welling up I am going to call it a night, or call you to chat.

Mmmbye for now.

For the record Cuz and her future hubs have a total score of 22. Boo and I have a score of 26. Yes, we win! Except they win, because they love each other and are engaged. So yeah again!

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