Thursday, April 1, 2010

It's Not You, It's Me

Image via / Cartoon by Carolita Johnson

So how do you tell a vendor that you've decided to go with someone else?  The obvious answer is to be honest and polite.  But like it or not, honesty isn't always polite.  Especially when you're on the receiving end. I am just starting to reach out to vendors and I will have to approach this carefully time and time again, won't I?
Usually a polite, "thank you for your time, we've decided to go with someone else," should suffice.  Unless a rejected vendor asks for a reason why you rejected them. 

It happened to me the other day, and I have yet to respond.  It's a fair question.   The email deserves my time and attention, and I need to approach my answer tactfully.  I understand why someone would want a reason why they were rejected but how do I word it?  What I want to say is "I really liked your work, that's why I reached out to you.  But I had a feeling about the vendor I chose.  So I went with my gut."  But, if she's looking for critique, that won't be helpful now, will it?   Huh? Some girl got some heartburn or somethin' and that's why she didn't choose me?  

But I guess that's what it's going to have to come down to.  If talent, creativity, and price are all similar.  What else would I have to go with?  I went with the one who I had a good feeling about--is that wrong?

Was it hard to turn vendors down?  Were you ever asked to explain why you chose one vendor over the other?

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