Monday, April 5, 2010

Engagement Pic Inspiration: Something Colorful

I've been infatuated with color for as far back as I can remember.  Crayons, and markers, and yes, even my mom's lipstick.  I loved it all.   That love was often altogether messy and beautiful.  And until someone put a paintbrush in my hand, my love for color often got me big trouble.  Sadly, my passion for paint never amounted to much technique or even talent.  But my love for it goes on...

So imagine my excitement when Boo asked to move our e-pic shoot to his house.  His house equals more freedom to do something a little more off kilter, which equals fun!  Yessss! Especially because I had secretly wanted to so something like this: 

Cute, but not enough "mess" for me...


Yes!  That's the kind of mess I'm talking about!

How amazing is the last image?  And how amazing is our photographer?  Because when I emailed her about the change and braced myself for a response that went something like "I know I asked you to look around for some inspiration, but I didn't mean for you to be a weirdo."  Turns out she was just as excited about the shoot as I was!  Clearly, she's awesome and I will speak about her more after we meet (on the day of the shoot, eep!).  But I can not wait!  

Now the only person left to tell is Boo.  He's been in training, so while I know he won't be shocked by it he might not be thrilled either.  I can picture him saying something about his face already being covered in camo paint for days and laughing, but what if he's not down with color the way I am?  

And oh, remember the part where this will be at his house?   Well, it kind of slipped our mind that pretty much everyone that matters to him will be in the house while this is going on.  And by in the house, I shudder to think that I mean outside, watching this paint-fueled debacle.  Maybe they won't even care?  Right?

Either way, I can't wait to see Boo and to have some fuuun!  Yahoo!

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