Monday, February 1, 2010

DIY: I Want

I have had a secret love for all things handmade, especially paper, since I was a little girl. I spent many, many hours dragging my poor mom to the nearest craft store to stock up on paper, ink, beads, fabric, and embroidery supplies. So mom, thanks. You've gave me the chance to love making the prettiest objects for my family and friends. And you have a hand in my obsession with stationary (remember that pink stationary set you bought me? remember how I made it even prettier by embossing gold flowers on the border?). So I hope you will understand my new preocupation with acquiring this snazzy machine:


The L Letterpress machine! I wasn't too sure about buying one until I learned that they make custom plates! The only downside is that each custom plate costs $39.99 each. Oh and I forgot to mention that the starter kit costs $149.99. But I still want it. I know I shouldn't but I do. How amazing would it be to make all of our paper goods with my very own letterpress? Now I just have to find a way to either a. buy this at a better price or b. find another way to get the look and feel of letterpress for less.

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