Wednesday, February 29, 2012

We're Saving the Date!

Time was not my friend in the planning process.  One day, I glanced over at the calendar and realized that if I was going to send out save the dates, I had to get crackin'! 

So I turned to the internet for some inspiration and I came across this:

Save-the-date postcards!

Early on in our engagement, I promised Mr. M that we were just going to send out save-the-date postcards, to keep things simple.  Oddly, I also felt like it was my stroke of genius "why design save the date cards? Why not just send out some postcards and slap a date on the back? Easy-peasy!"  Don't you just love when you feel like you've concocted some brilliant and original idea just to discover that it's been done many times over?

A few clicks later, I found another inspiration picture that made me stop in my tracks.

As much as I really loved the idea of using paper airplanes, it didn't really make sense for our wedding.  But I couldn't let the idea go.  After some thought, I had a moment of "oh wait, I could fold that paper into something else!"  

But if paper airplanes weren't a good fit, then what was? 

Yes, hearts!

This is my favorite pic from (and a sneak peek of) our engagement session, shot by the awesome Lucy Clement.  I couldn't resist taking a stab at this cute gesture from one of my favorite music videos of all time. Hearts were definitely the way to go!

Postcards were a must--especially since I told Mr. M that we would be able to use our e-pics in the "save-the-date postcards" I dreamed up, to justify the engagement shoot.  Me and my big mouth!  Why was I so specific?

Using the criteria (postcard, engagement pic, and paper hearts), this is what I came up with:

Postcard?  E-pic?  Origami hearts?  Check, check AND check!

When I started designing our save-the-dates, I really had no idea what our wedding was going to look like.  So I figured I would just have fun with it and incorporate elements that I loved, instead of worrying about a cohesive theme.

And the things I "loved" were kraft paper envelopes, wraparound labels, and the now ubiquitous "Love: King and Queen of Hearts" stamps.

Here's a better look at the postcard, front and back. 

Lil $is was my design co-conspirator.  She saw what I came up with, had mercy on me, and fixed up the text.  She rocks.  Oh yes she does.

Glassine envelopes were the perfect way show off the heart, and to make sure everyone knew they should open them up. 

The hearts served a purpose; they contained the address to our wedding website!  Gasp.  

Because we were working around a schedule that could change at the drop of a dime, it was really important to me that people got our URL.  The origami heart was a playful way to point our guests to our website, so everyone could stay in the loop. Plus, don't the open hearts look a little like a passed note from high school?

And...that's about it!  I was very excited to get these babies out the door.

Are you sending out save the dates?  Did you go the DIY route?