Thursday, June 9, 2011

Sweet Snacks!

What Summertime treat is just perfect around a campfire?

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Sweet graham crackers, melt-y Hershey's chocolate, and gooey marshmallow join together for a tasty and messy dessert.  No one in the world could resist them...except for me.  I don't like S'mores.  Never have.  

You know, I'd always enjoy making S'mores but I never liked the taste or how they were so hard to eat!  I'd get halfway through one gooey sandwich and reach for the bag of marshmallows, because I love roasting marshmallows!

And what does this have to do with our wedding?

Our reception site has fire pits that are lit after dark!  And I thought it would be a brilliant idea to roast some marshmallows. The a few weeks ago, we learned from our site coordinator that Highlands offers S'mores as an option for a late night snack.  Nice...don't you just hate it when you find out that something you thought was original suddenly isn't?  Oh I totally thought that up? Oh, I didn't.

So I sheepishly mentioned that I was planning to bring in marshmallows on my own, since I don't care for S'mores (or melted chocolate near my dress for that matter).  And then she said that I could either bring them in myself or let them take care of it!

Hooray!  Of course I started working on the design of the marshmallow packaging right away, until Mr. M pulled the brakes on my plans.  There is a tiny cost difference if I make them on my own and there's a huge time crunch ahead of me.  Mr. Marmalade came to my rescue and insisted that we have our venue take care of the details, even if I could have come up with some really cool packaging (I totally could have).  I'm still going to make a sign for it, so there. 

But what a "sweet" way to end our night!  I can't wait to hang around the fire with friends and a flaming marshmallow at the end of my stick (I always burn them).  

Did you serve your guests any late night treats?  Am I the only person in the world who doesn't love S'mores?


  1. mmmm...s'mores. Your guests will love it! And since they don't spend their days looking at wedding blogs they will definitely think the idea is original!

  2. That's such a great idea, and such a nice last-minute perk! I think it's smart to leave it up to the venue since your date is getting super close.. and I bet people will LOVE it. Heather's right - I'm betting most people will think it's the coolest thing EVER.

  3. Cool idea. That sounds great hanging around the fire.