Thursday, June 16, 2011

Everybody Knows I'm A Mother-Flippin' Monster


I'm turning into a little monster.

Image via Z100.Com / Photo by Tzirel Kaminetzky

No, not that kind of little monster.  I'm more like this little monster:

Image via Wikipedia / Photo by New Line Cinema

I'm anxious, jumpy, quick to anger, impatient, and emotional.  I'm a ball of nerves.  A creature compared to the regular ole me.  Not so fun to be around. 

And I've had a lot of people tell me that.  It hurts a lot and I wish they'd understand that right now I'm in crunch time.  Right now, it might not be okay to be a little monster but it's probably normal. 

The stress of the wedding and the move down south has gotten the better of me. I'm up against a time crunch.  And not just a time crunch, there is a whole lot of emotion that I don't think people really understand.  In practically no time, everything about my life is going to change.  But for now, nothing has.  

I still work really long hours.  I'm still tired when I get home.  I still push myself to exercise daily.  I still have a list of things to do, and I don't want to cut things out of the list because "I work too much and I'm tired." NO WAY.  And the thing I've had no time to really think about is how I feel about moving away from everything and everyone I know. I'm sure that reality will hit me the morning I awake in my new home.

So a creature I am.  Until the wedding.  I'm trying to be nicer, trying to be more patient. Trying not to flip out on people who are slightly rude and insensitive.  I'm trying. 

Just have faith, World, that I'm not changed forever.  This is one little monster that will go back to normal when the sun rises on the morning after the wedding.  At least, that's according to legend. 

Has the stress of your wedding gotten the best of you?  Have you acted like a "little monster" from time to time? 

*Ps-- Triple double bonus points if you recognize the title!


  1. With now being two days out (it's half-past midnight here) people keep remarking on how calm I am. If I wasn't, that's when I'd forget things. Though I have to say I've had my monster moments when invites got lost in the post etc.

  2. I was kind of horrible to my fiance during our meeting with our venue director because he kept making suggestions that didn't match my mental picture of how everything should be. Lesson: should have shared the mental picture WITH him before the meeting.