Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Holding Onto the Memories: The Results

After some thought, I decided that I was going to carry my loved ones down the aisle with me in a locket attached to the handle of my bouquet.  For me, the locket was a sweet touch, and something subtle enough to let me keep a little part of that moment private.  

(Wouldn't this be a great way to remember your loved ones too?)

Growing up, I was totally enamored by lockets.  They're so feminine, so beautiful, and I knew that whatever was inside had to be special.  I own a couple, my favorite is a large oval locket I purchased in college. But after wearing it daily for 3 years, the clasp finally broke and there's no way to fix it.  So I turned to Etsy and came across these lockets in BedazzleBead's shop for a whopping $2.85 plus $1.50 for shipping:

I was skeptical, but for that price I could afford to take a chance.  And just a few days after I ordered, the lockets arrived.

(personal photo)

Perfection!  The vintage inspired detail in the locket is gorgeous and adds just the right amount of interest.  I got to work on this project as soon as they arrived. 

(personal photo)

In all of about fifteen minutes, I'd reduced two of my favorite pictures to 1" x 1" and printed them onto some photo paper I had lying around.  Then I grabbed the scissors and looked for the crazy glue to secure the images inside.  Of course, the crazy glue was dried out (seriously, I have never kept a tube of that stuff for more than one use) so I reached for a bottle of my handy-dandy clear nail polish.   I cut the pictures to size, and then lightly dabbed the nail polish around the inside edges of the locket.  Then I waited about 20 seconds to let the polish dry a bit before I carefully placed the pictures inside.  

And voilĂ !

(personal photo)

A beautiful locket worthy of a very special place on my wedding day.  All for the whopping grand total of $4.35. MacGuyver would be proud!  He totally kept a bottle of clear nail polish around--true story.  
Can't wait to have this with me on my walk down the aisle. I'm so happy to be keeping my loved ones in my heart in more ways than one.  

Have you decided to add anything special to your bridal bouquet?


  1. Oh those are gorgeous! I love lockets. My mom has one that her mom gave to her, and after she passed, my mom put a photo of her in it. I was just talking to my fiance the other day that I wasn't sure if I was going to do a "something old" because I couldn't think of anything, but I love this idea.

  2. What a great find! How did anyone ever plan weddings before Etsy??

    I followed you over from the June "share your blogs" thread on WeddingBee and I'm loving your posts -- congrats, Miss Marmalade! :)

  3. I love those lockets. I've thought for a while I'd like one. Great idea to put one in your bouquet, if I had more time I'd look at doing that.