Monday, June 6, 2011

Hey Sista, Go Sister, Soul Sister!

Miss Marmalade reporting for duty!  And oh my goodness, I'm so excited to join the Hive that I could burst into song!

Oh yes I did.

I'm still in shock as I write this post. I got Pengy's email while I was, err, recuperating from my bachelorette weekend.  The sun was pouring in through the window as I laid in bed trying to sleep, but before I could pull the blankets over my head I grabbed my phone to check my email (it's a knee-jerk reaction) and I saw it:

ME: Wait, what?  WHAT?! OWW. (Happy but groaning in pain) Oh my gosh.  No way. Oow, yeeaaaaah!  Anyone awake?  (Lifting my head to see that my friends are still sleeping it off, regretting that move while the room started spinning.)  Oh my God ow my head, oh my God I'm a BEEE!  (More happy groans.) 

I realized that I needed to close my eyes for a sec but before I did, I sent Mr. Marmalade this text message: 


To which he responds "Wooooooooiiiiieeeeeeeee.  My little wedding beeeeeeee!"

Aww, right?

So why Marmalade?  Well, there are a couple reasons.  Reason one: my Yiayia (Greek for "grandmother") makes her own delicious "marmalada," and there's always a jar around the house. I despised marmalade until I was seven, when my parents sent my sister and me to Summer camp in Greece for a few weeks.  Camp was great but I hated that they didn't have sugary cereal for breakfast--they only served apricot marmalade on buttered bread!  EEW, gross...until I tried it.  Now it's more like YUM.  Marmalade has a special place in my heart, just like Mr. M.  Reason two: "Lady Marmalade!" Did you hear LaBelle work it out?  This music nerd "lady" could not resist! 

And who are the Marmalades, you ask?  Well, here we are!

I'm a first generation American, from a big fat Greek-Ecuadorian family, a creative type with too many crazy ideas to count. He's an all American guy--lacrosse, football, boats, and beer.  He's my best friend, my rock, and my complete opposite.  We met in high school history class and turned into an odd pairing of friends until four years ago, when he returned from a deployment to Iraq.  It's been long-distance love ever since.  Our long engagement is finally coming to an end now that he's back from a tour in Afghanistan.  We're planning a modern military wedding at the oldest chapel on the campus of the oldest military academy in the United States, his alma mater.  We're crafting a wedding that combines tradition with romance, rustic elegance, outrageous fun, topped off with nerdy touches of literature and history.  I can't wait to share our story with you!

Gitchy gitchy ya ya da daaa! (That's Marmalade for "see you soon, lovelies!")




  1. Congrats on your acceptance!!! So excited for you!

  2. OH MY GOSH!!! This is incredible!! I'm also slightly jealous. But entirely so excited for you and to follow you on the Bee!!

  3. Congratulations! See you around the hive pretty soon :)

  4. Ah wow! Congratulatsion girl. I applied but got turned down, wasn't a big surprise. You and Mr Marmalade are a very handsome couple ;)

  5. Thank you all so much!!! I'm still in shock right now, since this is all happening just a few weeks before our wedding. You have all been amazing, and I've really enjoyed sharing with you! xoxo