Saturday, June 11, 2011

Divide & Conquer - Bridal Edition

Divide and conquer is a motto of ours--it's how we attack every menu we come across, and it works every time!  We have a tendency to get really excited about that skill 

ME: Mmm...disco fries...
Mr. M:  That sounds good.  How about this (ridiculously big/greasy/bacon-laden sandwich)?  It sounds amazing.
ME: Mmm.  I want that. 
Mr. M:  Ok, you order yours.  I'll order mine and we'll eat EVERYTHING. 
Me: Sold. 
(High fives)

We high five at mealtime on occasion. Doesn't everyone?

But now with time winding down, I'm going to have to take our motto and use it to re-imagine the "honey do" list. 

Image & download via Each Pretty Penny / List Design by Vale Designs 

The thing is, I've been planning this wedding on my own for such a long time.  And I'm having such a hard time of letting go of MY projects. But I know better.  I know that there is no way to get anything done without teamwork.

So, now that he has some time off I have a little list of things for him to do to help me out.  Right now, the thing I can't do (that I wish I could) is run errands.  There's just no time.  I start work before stores open, I leave work after they close, and I don't have the luxury of a lunch hour to go anywhere.  But, Mr. M does! So it's more like "Honey Go" than "Honey Do."  

Mr. M has also been a great partner-in-crime-craft projects. He's been getting in touch with his DIY side and has traded in his circular saw for a hot glue gun.  This is our list to date:
- Create photo booth backdrop 
- package and send out wedding invitations Check!
- Escort card design 
- Press table runners  
- Create seating chart
- ceremony readings/music to select Check!
- Put together OOT bags

I know we'll get through the rest of it in no time.  Hooray for the "Honey, Go/Do" list!

Have you been able to divide your to-do list in any way?


  1. Yeah my FI has been great. He's been doing all the DIY stuff, like cutting wood, painting, sticking stuff to the wood - all will become clear.

  2. Divide that list some more!!! It was one of the hardest things I had to do - let go of elements of our wedding day to someone else. My FMIL is great and has taken up the OOT bags, the bathroom baskets and the allll the details of the rehearsal dinner.

  3. My DH didn't do too much for the wedding. Some of the stuff he was supposed to do never got done or got done really last minute by me. We ended up not having a photo op (fauxtobooth) backdrop. We just had a camera in front of a wall. It turned out pretty good though. I wish I would have had my bridal party help me more.